About Us

Among us, we have more than 100 years of experience in front of audiences of almost every type. We know the specific tools speakers need to deliver presentations that will make a difference. We video your performance so we can show you exactly what you are doing well and what needs improvement. We limit our classes so we can tailor our training to the individual. And we follow up later to make sure your skills have improved.

Don’t Be Like Walt

Walt was a great engineer. His career was upwardly mobile. But when management asked him to begin making presentations to fellow engineers, that mobility stalled.  He was at a loss to understand why. Then he saw some feedback on latest presentation–it was pretty bad.

Rob asked to see the presentation and could tell right away what was going on. Walt was stuffing every detail he knew into a series of dense slides that were almost impossible for people to follow. He never explained why this information was important or what he wanted people to do about it. He presumed they knew; they didn’t.

Walt was good at his profession, but no one had ever schooled him in the art of effective presentation.

That’s what we do, and that’s why we came together to form When You Leave The Room, LLC.

When you leave our training, we guarantee you will be a better speaker. Later, when you leave the room after your own presentations, your audience will be more likely to support your objective—whether that is to transfer understanding and knowledge or to change an attitude or behavior.

Meet the Team

Rob Norris-1


Rob Norris

Rob has personally delivered more than 2,000 talks before corporate, community, and professional audiences and has taught undergraduate and graduate-level courses in communications. During his 36 years with two Fortune 500 companies, Rob served as a corporate spokesperson and created a series of officer-level programs in presentational speaking and media relations. He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Indiana University and has been published in the Journal of Communication Management. Rob currently serves as an instructor at Butler University’s College of Communication.

Sara Norris-3


Sara Norris

Sara spent more than 30 years in the field of advertising, beginning as an award-winning copywriter and ending as Executive Vice President and Director of Client Services for a wholly owned subsidiary of J. Walter Thompson. While on the agency side of the business, she organized and helped deliver nearly 100 new-business pitches, with outcomes ranging as high as 7 figures. In the corporate world, she served as Manager of Advertising for an ITT company and Director of Corporate Communications for one of the top real estate developers in her market. Sara holds a bachelor’s degree Magna cum Laude in Radio and TV from Butler University.

Rhonda Tamulonis-5


Rhonda Tamulonis

Rhonda has worked with private and public sector organizations for more than 30 years to build their competencies in communications, training, workplace performance, and end-user change management.   She has participated in the startup of multiple IT and consulting firms.  Prior to co-founding When You Leave The Room, Rhonda directed performance and learning services for a software development and consulting company serving child support enforcement agencies. Rhonda holds a bachelor’s degree Magna cum Laude in Speech from Butler University and an MBA from Indiana University. She has published articles, conducted seminars, coached trainers, and presents frequently at industry conferences.