Our Services

Presentation WorkPresentation Workshopsshops

Half-day or full-day sessions (limited to 8 participants) involving content, design and delivery of materials. Participants are videoed and leave with personal tips for improvement. Learn more.



Lunch&LearnLunch & Learn

A series of lunchtime presentations on effective presentation design and delivery tailored for your team and conducted in your office.



NewBusinessPresentationsNew Business Presentation Skills Training and Coaching

Half-day or full-day session.  How to organize and present essential information in a limited time frame when significant dollars in new business may be at stake.



MediaRelationsTrainingMedia Relations Training

Half-day sessions limited to 5 participants. Even in the age of social media TV and newspapers remain influential. How to present your case through the editors and reporters who act as gatekeepers of mass media.


TrainerPresentationSkillsTrainer Presentation Skills and Coaching

A series focused on the presentation techniques that make adult training more effective.  Includes best practices in using handouts and presentation software (PowerPoint).



BusinessGrammarBusiness English Refresher

Either a two-hour session or a lunch & learn. For those a few years away from their last English class a brush-up on the most common grammar punctuation and style issues. Make sure your writing is clear and persuasive.




Individual Coaching

One-on-one help with presenter preparation and delivery either for routine use or for an imminent special event.



Final_Icon_128x128Presentation Outsourcing

Take the time-consuming task of creating a presentation off your plate.  Outsource it to us.  We can help you with your message strategy and develop effective presentation materials.  We also can coach and rehearse you to make your delivery compelling. Call us and cross that presentation off your to-do list.