Better Presentation Skills, Better Business.

When You Leave The Room, LLC is in the business of making you better in front of an audience.

We use video to show you how your delivery looks to others. We help you make your presentations more effective, persuasive, and memorable. We provide individual coaching, workshops, public classes, and tailored in-house programs. We follow up to see that you make progress.

And we guarantee improvement.

We help you:

  • Determine what your audience actually needs
  • Organize impressive content
  • Design memorable visuals
  • Handle your nerves
  • Bring your subject to life
  • Stay in control from start to finish

Learn how we can help you make a difference.

“When You Leave The Room made me a much better presenter. My message is more tightly focused,and my delivery is more persuasive. I am so pleased with the results!!”

-Maria Krach
Principal, LiveOn Goods

“Thank you to Sara and Rhonda from When You Leave The Room for sharing their business insights and presentation expertise with me. Golden Age Allies will nail our next presentation due to their generous support. If you would like help with polishing your presentation skills, run, do not walk…wait, this is 2016 so just click already and contact them!”

  • -Sherry Oswalt
    Golden Age Allies

“My pitch is so much stronger because of the coaching I received from When You Leave The Room. I can’t thank them enough for being so helpful and so effective”

  • -Chere Cofer
    Founder and CEO, Open Books, MD